Friday, June 25, 2010

New Art supplies - Yay

I always go overboard when buying art supplies. I intended to get some oil paints, I don't know what happened with that. Actually, I think the three painting kits I purchased were my "oil paint"  Apparently not, they're acrylic.  Acrylic paint is fine, but three $80 kits aren't, not for the amount of paint that came with them. I need to look closer, to see if the other supplies inside make it worth it. We'll see. I also got a lot of coloring books, blank puzzles, watercolor paper, canvas pads, flat-backed gemstones, feathers, puffballs, sewing kits, pipe cleaners, finger paints, paint brushes, a knitting spool...I think that's it :)

Anyway, I've been working on a lot more art projects lately. Yesterday I made some beautiful watercolor backgrounds for some ballerina artwork I plan to make.  I noticed the walls at my daughter's dance studio are boring and I'm thinking that these dance school parents spend a fortune on stupid stuff, so why not my artwork, right?  I used to draw ballerinas and princesses for my daughters all the tie and I might not be that talented, but if I just DO it, I think they might sell. If not, at least I got to paint and maybe if I'm lucky, the school will display some of the paintings for me.  If I'm very very lucky, maybe I'll sell a bunch. If I sell a bunch, maybe I'll want to teach an art class.

Art is good for my mind.  My kids like it, too.  As soon as my camera is fixed, I'll post about some of the projects we're working on as a family.

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