Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pre-K crafting

Friday I get to do my pre-school craft class in our co-op. I'm thinking I want to do the little board book-altered book craft, but I'm not sure how I will manage it.

I have a few ideas...

the one I like best I can't do this month. I could take the pictures, though. I want to print a bunch of one-inch headshots of each kid, then cut out a bunch of little cartoon and clipart people , let them decorate the books and collage in the pictures with their heads attached, and let them narrate to us what they're "doing" in each picture. I think it has potential for being a craft item they're so hugely proud of, a story they wrote with pictures of themselves in the picture. Then, even at 4 they could have a story book they could read to people.

We'll see, I think I'll do it. I'll have to let their moms know why I'm taking their pictures.
OOH- I could photoshop their heads onto clipart and then cut it out for them and then we're more likely to finish the project in the 40 minute time frame. Oh yeah- I can't wait for this, it will be so much fun. I can get bigger board books, too now. That will buy me time.

So they'll all be spray-painted to begin with and we'll give them the cutouts of themselves, plus a few other stickers and things. we'll have them narrate their stories onto peel and stick labels- woohoo.

Now what will we do Friday?

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