Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Don'tcha hate it when a great plan falls through

I just totally failed the board book thing. Instead, we did spring yarn flower pictures. They're the 3rd installment of our 4x4 four season tiles. We've done Autumn (silk flower leaves in fall colors with crinkled paper tree trunks) and Winter (christmas trees in felt and glitter) and now Spring (the yarn flowers) If we do summer, I think we should do the blue hot glue for water, with sandpaper beach sand- maybe pre-cut the sandpaper into castle components so they can make little sandcastles.

Anyhow- we'll do the altered board books next time. I'm collecting stickers for it. I should request some of the budget funds for scrapbooking embellishments. Why do I always use my own resources? I don't even have resources right now. That's not true, I guess I always have resources. Still, I'd have more if I'd use the budget instead of my stuff.

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