Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Acrylic Paintings on Watercolor paper

I don't know if painting is a craft, but it's an art and arts and crafts go together, and if you're a bad artist, applying paint could be a craft.

That said; I hate supplying kids with inferior art materials, like peeling tempera paints and cheap watercolors and papers that crumble.

My theory is that if they have high quality supplies and learn how to care for them properly (clean those brushes ,dammit for heaven's sake) they will be inspired and pleased by their work, and be proud to show it off and I will be proud to display it.

SO- these paintings were done with acrylic paints (quality, but cheap- they're thinner than real artists acrylic, and available in bottles at wal mart for 44 cents each) on thick watercolor paper and framed in some garage sale frames (12 for $1) Arranging them all on a wall together would be pretty, especially if you only supplied the kids with the colors that matched your decor.

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