Saturday, September 14, 2013

What a fun business

Did you know I'm a career blogger? It's true. I usually write my personal blog at GypsyMom but I write about my business at Write for Income. I started in 2007 when we shut down our family business and it was necessary to contribute income to our household budget. We had just a few months of living expenses set aside and I had a newborn baby at the time. I wasn't about to go working outside the home in order to keep us out of poverty, so I explored work-from-home opportunities. I had always enjoyed writing and with six kids, blogging came easily. Sharing our family's funny moments and our sweet moments was just as much a way to preserve memories as it was a way to communicate with friends and family that lived far away. After seven years, no more babies, one divorce, three more houses and one giant road trip, it's safe to say that this whole thing is working out. Keeping up with the industry is tricky, I took about 2 years off and returning has been quite a challenge. The way that search engine algorithms judge quality has been changed a lot over the past two years and it's refreshing to see how well they've made it benefit the reader because before all sorts of gobbledygook was able to make it to the top of the SERPS but now they're much better about keeping things higher quality. Either way, if you like to write and want to learn more about blogging for money you should investigate it, and start with one of my main websites because it's an awesome job for moms and you get to make your own hours.

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